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Pool Safety Fences & Railings

pool safety fencesWhat We Offer

Pool safety fences and railings constructed with high-quality fencing materials for more privacy or a secure boundary for your backyard or swimming pool.  Our innovative approach and creative designs set us apart from the competition and bring unparalleled value to your yard.

Our pool safety fences and railings are built from

  • top quality wood
  • vinyl
  • aluminum

Pool Railings

We want you to enjoy your pool, not worry about your family’s safety. American Screen Contractors can design and install a pool railing that not only protects your oasis but also brings a certain style to your backyard.

Our quality materials hold up well to the inclement weather in Florida. We install code-approved fences and pool railings that give you a clear view of the water while providing a safe, secure border.

Privacy Fences

Transform your backyard into a private sanctuary with a privacy safety fence. You shouldn’t have to arrange your patio furniture in a way to avoid prying eyes. We can install a privacy fence that locks together without gaps and stretches high above passerbys and nosy neighbors. Perhaps you want total seclusion or just a bit of light to pass through. We’ll take your ideas and create the perfect solution to meet your needs and budget.

Protective Boundaries

You should have peace of mind every time you leave your home or tuck into bed at night. A privacy fence can also double as a pool safety fence.   It’s equally as important to keep out uninvited guests or neighborhood children in your pool. Our fences protect your home and yard while adding a beautiful border around your property. Let us come up with an ideal fencing solution that makes you feel safe without emptying your wallet.

Decorative Ideas

Don’t want a standard fence around your property? We don’t blame you! Our fences not only protect your investment but also add visual appeal to your yard. Whether it’s a wooden fence around your garden or a aluminum rail fence around your property, we can install a fence that adds value and curbside appeal to your home. No matter the color or the material, we’ll install a beautiful, durable fence to match your style.

High Quality Pool Fences Are Our Commitment

Contact American Screen Contractors for a free estimate. We can design and install a custom fence that gives you the privacy, safety and protection you deserve. We offer a full selection of styles and colors to choose from, providing you with the perfect fence to complement your yard and home.

Example Designs of Pool Safety Fences & Railings