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Screen Enclosures

screen enclosure

Everyone loves lounging on their patio or balcony with friends when the weather is nice. Why not enjoy fresh air and natural lighting all year long? Whether you want to feel the summer breeze while shielded from the sun or get a close up look at lightening bugs at night without inviting them onto your porch, screen enclosures can help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

What are Screen Rooms?
Screen rooms, also called screened porches or sun porches, are outdoor seating areas with an overhead covering and screens in the place of walls and windows. The screens invite the niceties of nature such as natural lighting while keeping insects and bad weather at bay, and the shade protects you from the sun during the height of Florida’s humid summers. The functionality of your screen room is limited only by your imagination; it can serve as a dining area with chairs and tables for occasionally entertaining guests, or you can make it feel like another room in your home by adding a television, ceiling fans with a game table.

Why Choose American Screen Contractors for Deck and Patio Enclosures?

  • We can build enclosures on top of concrete slabs or wooden decks.
  • We give you a variety of color, style and material options to personalize your addition.
  • Our screens let you enjoy nature while protecting you from the many pests that live in Florida including mosquitoes, hornets, wasps and reptiles.
  • Our screens comply with the highest construction standards to withstand Florida’s harsh weather and keep you safe from the elements.
  • Our screen enclosures expand the amount of living space in your home.
  • Our enclosures come with a warranty and require virtually no maintenance.
  • We equip enclosures with self-latching doors to protect children and pets.

Florida Screen Enclosure Regulations
Florida has some of the strictest building codes in America thanks to our strong summer storms. We go above and beyond the state’s high standards to make sure your enclosure keeps you safe 365 days a year. We will also take care of all the applications for any building permits you need to avoid government fines.

Enclose Your Patio or Deck, Open Up Your Home
Decks and patios are perfect for hosting spring picnics, fall cookouts, summer soirees and even winter tea parties. The American Screen Contractors team has been helping Florida homeowners enjoy the outdoors during all seasons for over 15 years. We do not just install pre-assembled materials; we construct onsite to rule out human error and make sure your enclosure aesthetically and structurally fits your home. Today is the perfect time to take full advantage of your home by adding an outdoor enclosure.

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